Pāua Shell MALA Necklace


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This traditionally-made mala is adorned with 108 rudraksha beads between the antique white padre beads and fresh water pearls. The focal piece is a large 55mm+ silky to the touch, and all natural tumbled Pāua shell that has electric blue-green color and sheen.

Pāua (pah-wah) is the Māori name given to the mollusk blackfoot abalone or pāua, Haliotis Iris. This species of abalone are found off the South Island of New Zealand and are mostly sustainably harvested for their meat and prized shell.

To the Māori’s, these taonga or treasures are gifted from the God of the sea and have adorned their tribal art for hundreds of years. The Pāua shells represent water, and it is water that will help tame the flame. The healing properties carry energies to offer protection and emotional balance to the bearer.

Malas have been used since at least the 10th century as a meditation aid. They allow us to focus the mind on a single pointed task as we work through our meditation. If you practice meditation and yoga, a mala can be a powerful tool in your quest for wellness and clearer understanding.

Pearl grade B-C
Pearl size 12 mm
Length 28 inches + pendant 2 inches
Pearl shape Drop
Material Fresh Water pearls / kangaroo leather
Pearl quantity 4
Style Necklace Mala


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