Fresh Water Pearl + Leather Necklace - Waterfall Design


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Feel the calming vibe of (12) 10-12 mm creamy white, fresh water drops all clustered in a waterfall design. This fabulous look wears well with anything! You can slide spread out the pearls or keep them clustered as a group. The leather is all natural - no dyes or oils. It will brown up darker naturally as you wear. One pearl closure, and a second just for an extra touch.

Pearl size 10-12 mm
Length 18” adjustable by pulling end pearl thru loop to desired length and knot
Pearl shape drop
Material Fresh Water pearls
Pearl quantity 14
Style Necklace – waterfall

Because of their delicacy, pearls should be stored separately, away from hard jewelry items, to prevent scratches or other damage. If possible, store them wrapped in soft cloth or in a soft-lined container, pouch or jewelry box.


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